AL Honor Jacket 2

Honoring Those Who Served & Our Community

Our Honor & Color Guard volunteers are highly motivated and maintain exceptionally high standards of appearance and conduct in their ceremonial duties. The American Legion Honor & Color Guards are available to the public for a variety of events including funerals, parades, flag ceremonies, community civic events, and more.

A military funeral is a burial rite given to all members who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Upon the family's request, all eligible Veterans can be honored with a rifle squad, flag detail (American, Service Flag, and MIA/POW), a bugler to play Taps, and a Flag folding detail provided by the Branch of the military of the deceased as enacted by law from President Bush in 2003.

Symbol of Respect:

Our cemeteries are lined with stones with names, dates, and symbols of fallen soldiers from both war and peacetime. Each one has a story and history that may not be remembered or ever passed on, but will be respected by our Honor Guard detail. The last farewell to another fallen soldier is respect, an honor bestowed upon all that have served their country, an honor ALL veterans will receive at life’s end.

DeKalb Honor Guard:

The names (and branch of service) below are some of the members of our dedicated Honor and Color Guard who volunteer his/her time to attend funerals and community civic events.